Desiree Brown has 15+ years of experience working in education and local government having launched her career within the field of Special Education.


Taking on leadership roles, Desirée has expertise regarding policy development and analysis, staff and professional development, educator training, public speaking, project management, contract and procurement, and a laser like focus on parent outreach and engagement.


She began this journey because of the birth of her son who accessed early intervention and special education services and supports and remained in the field because affecting change for others is rewarding. 


Desirée believes strongly in the power of the parent voice and affirms that healthy partnerships among students, parents, and the community is necessary for educational success.  She encourages families to push beyond the traditional structures around family involvement to ensure their seat at the table while guiding educators and administrators to formulate systemic change that allow for true collaboration with families.  


Desirée can be heard repeating the words of Gil Scott Heron, "...Nobody can do everything but everybody can do something."

Desiree Brown