The guidance and counseling provided by the professionals at EMC2 is immeasurable.  As I struggled to juggle working, parenting and returning to school I often sought counseling from LaNail who helped me balance my hectic schedule and put what matters most into prospective.  Her unique way of conveying a message or lesson is a something I truly value!

Sayon & Mason's Mom

I want to congratulate  EMC2 on their launch.  A few weeks ago their service came in handy.  I am a new teacher and I was sent some information that I could incorporate in my lessons and overall structure of my teaching style. I am so grateful for your service and know that I can always call with questions and help.

Avia Mebane
1st year teacher

In her respective roles at DC Bilingual and CentroNia, LaNail have been consistently committed to the best interest of kids and families. With significant experience and a wide-range of counseling, social service, and special education expertise, she is well-positioned with EMC2 to effectively support a range of educational organizations in meeting the needs of families, staff, and - most importantly - students!

Aaron Cuny
Founder of Ingenuity Prep Public Charter School; Former Resident Principal of DC Bilingual Public Charter School

LaNail Plummer is a consummate professional who has greatly impacted the way I interact as a teacher and a mom.  As an educator of adolescents and as a mother, I sometimes face situations that call for an understanding of childhood growth and development beyond my scope of  "expertise".  LaNail has a natural ability to assess situations and give practical suggestions that has been honed by her years of professional development and experience.  She is truly an asset to the worlds of education and mental health.

Aisha Griffith
Educator in Montgomery County Public School System,  16 years

LaNail Plummer is a born leader and collaborator. Whether working with students, parents, or large organizations, she is always able to skillfully navigate difficult situations, lead groups toward consensus, and lead teams. Her quiet strength is an asset in any organization and she leads well, leads often, and with integrity.

Jacqueline Greer
Executive Director, Urban Teacher Center, Washington, DC